Friday, April 1, 2022

Germany To Start Rationing Beer

 Germany To Start Rationing Beer

(Berlin, 1 April 2022)- German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has stated that German breweries are overwhelmed by the increased arrival of US ("Ami") and other NATO military personnel to help defend NATO. 
  Starting next week, German citizens will have to obtain ration cards to buy beer produced in German breweries, and will be limited to purchasing only ten cases a month. However, they have the option of consuming foreign beers deemed not on par with German beer, such as Stella Artois.  
 There would be a penalty however, as the Polizei have been given authority to ticket anyone consuming American beer such as Budweiser, Miller, and Coors off US bases
and posts, and imprison those who drink “offensive” wine coolers and “hard seltzer's” 
such as White Claw in violation of the 1516 “Rheinheitsgebot”.

                  League of German Brewers protest pending legislation to ration beer. 

Canadian Forces will rely on old standby's. 

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