Monday, March 22, 2021

Commentary on "To The Stars Academy" and UAP/UFO Documentation

Commentary on "To The Stars Academy" and UAP/UFO Documentation

Copyright 2021 by Michael H. Maggelet

An introductory post on the “To the Stars Academy” website regarding the GIMBAL and FLIR 1 UAP videos states “Presented here is the first official evidence released by the US government that can be rightfully designated as credible, authentic confirmation that unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) are real.” [1]

  I have to disagree. Declassified government files, along with reports from military witnesses and commercial pilots (along with radar data, photographs, etc) going back nearly 80 years proves beyond a reasonable doubt as to the veracity of the existence of unidentified aerial phenomena (more commonly referred to as UFO’s).

  One of the first revelations concerns the 23 September 1947 letter by General Nathan Twining to
Brigadier General George Schulgen, in which he wrote of the existence of flying discs and their performance characteristics (see my article on this blog of 30 April 2020).
  Additionally, the USAF and other government agencies spent considerable time and effort in researching and compiling information (in fact, for the past 74 years) into something that “does not exist”. Much the same can be said for the purported detention by military authorities of New Mexico rancher Mac Brazel in July 1947 for a supposed “top secret weather balloon”.
  That's not to say I disagree wholeheartedly with the "To The Stars Academy", in fact they are doing an excellent job in bringing information to light.  

  Interestingly enough, the Computer UFO Network submitted an FOIA request in 1996 for records pertaining to the “Interplanetary Phenomena Unit”, which was supposedly created after the Los Angeles “air raid scare” of February 1942. The reply to CUFON’s request stated all records of the IPU were forwarded to USAF Office of Special Investigations and Project Blue Book when the IPU was closed in the late '50's [2]. 

  In the end, don’t expect much of a government revelation come June 2021 on any particular UFO case. There is much, much more to the story than simply flying saucers; the question is, can the public handle the disclosure of information confirming the existence of a technologically superior species that may not have our best interests in mind? 



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