Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Russian Jets Don't Appear To Be Carrying Nuclear Weapons

Russian Jets Don't Appear To Be Carrying Nuclear Weapons. 

30 March 2022 by Michael H. Maggelet
  A recent headline from the UK Daily Mail, US Daily Mail, and TV broadcast from 
TV4 Sweden proclaims that Russian aircraft flying over the Baltic near Gotland were
equipped with nuclear weapons-

"Two Russian fighter jets that violated Swedish airspace earlier this month 'were equipped with NUKES with the aim of scaring Stockholm' after Putin had threatened military action if Sweden or Finland joined NATO".

  However, there aren't any close ups of the aircraft, and video is also shot from
distance. Enhancement of the photo's and video on the websites do not show 
any known Russian nuclear weapons, only external fuel tanks on the Su-24's.

 Until close-up's of the Su-24's are shown, we can call this report "fake news". 

Enhanced photo does not show any external ordnance. 

Michael H. Maggelet is a U.S. Air Force retiree who worked in the nuclear weapons career field for 15 years. He is the author of two books on nuclear weapons accidents with James C. Oskins- "Broken Arrow, The Declassified History of US Nuclear Weapons Accidents", and "Broken Arrow, Volume II- A Disclosure of Significant US, British, and Soviet Nuclear Weapon Accidents and Incidents, 1945-2008". 

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